Dynamic Power Limitation (DPL) is a new function from Micropower Group created to cut costs and increase efficiency through ensuring that your charger fleet never exceeds the total amount of power available and removes the risk of high power peaks.

The number of vehicles /batteries of a fleet in modern material handling environment are typically maximized within a fixed range of available power. It is therefore important to find the best possible use of every single kW.



Micropower Group introduces its function Dynamic Power Limitation, a function that is compatible with the entire range of Micropower lead/acid and lithium ion chargers between 3,2 kW and 40 kW. The DPL is created to decrease power costs and ensure that specific groups of chargers do not surpass the total amount of mains power available at the charging site. It eliminates the risk for high power peaks caused by simultaneous fast and opportunity charging by means of creation of power groups.



More information about DPL will be available at micropower-group.com.