40 Vacancies With The New Li-ion Battery Factory

Micropower Group’s further investment in Lithium ion technology results with a new battery factory in Växjö where Micropower Group’s HQ also is located. The new battery factory will create approx. 40 vacancies in various departments during 2019.

In a newsletter from Växjö’s municipality (Business & Growth, no. 5, 2019) Micropower Group talks about the effect of the new Li-ion battery factory with new job opportunities and the reasoning behind locating the battery factory in the new industrial area in the outskirt of Växjö called Nylanda.


The Li-ion battery factory that will have a production capacity up to 1 GWh/year creates new vacancies within product management, production and purchase amongst other departments. To place the battery factory in Växjö is a strategic choice – it’s close to the HQ, the manufacturing site for the well-known Micropower battery chargers as well as having good public transport connection and is nearby the university.


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