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Marine Lithium Ion Batteries Are Fueling The Shipping Industry

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Battery-powered, sustainable shipping is on the rise. Micropower delivers cost-efficient marine lithium ion batteries with top-level safety and reliability. 


Modular Battery Concept For The Marine Industry

Operating large marine vessels consumes a great deal of fossil fuel. Switching to reliable electrical power could increase operator profitability and reduce the environmental impact. Micropower has developed a standardized battery module system called BRIX to meet this need. The battery concept gives the marine industry proven flexibility which makes it easier to configure and assemble an on board system. Smart battery packs with efficient battery charging have made Micropower the natural choice of battery and charging solutions in marine applications.

  • Modular and flexible concept
  • Proven and industry preferred chemistry
  • Complete battery system incl. charger and battery mangement unit

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Double redundancy - highest level of safety

Although it is a high demand application, Micropower's batteries and battery charges are up to the challenge. Micropower's Li-ion battery system has been developed with safety in mind. With double redundancy and safety functions at cell, mechanical and the battery management system level, Micropower offers the highest level of safety. In the event of a malfunction, there are safeguards in place.

  • Developed, tested and transported according to international directives
  • Double redundancy
  • Safety functions at all levels

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Cost-efficient complete systems manufactured in Sweden

Micropower's Li-ion battery system is based on standardized modules and manufactured in a modern, automated production facility in Sweden. This industrial advantage allows Micropower to provide you with cost-efficient, high quality solutions that meet your needs for volume and availability.

  • Standardized and flexible battery modules
  • Swedish manufactured since 2017
  • Automated production lines and industrial volumes

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Always one step ahead

Customers are demanding eco-friendly marine transportations. The emissions regulations are getting tighter. In addition, the marine industry has to be cost-efficient and the power source needs to be safe and reliable – even under extreme conditions. Through research and development we challenge, not only the industry, but also ourselves to push the boundaries further. That is why our systems and products for marine applications have the highest level of flexibility, safety and performance that its required.

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Lithium ion battery solutions optimized for marine applications

Micropower supplies the industry with a cost-efficient and modular lithium ion battery system with proven flexibility that is perfect for marine solutions. 

Custom Power

Can’t find a solution for your application?

We know that a standard product is not always the best answer. We have a long history of creating custom solutions and products. If you can’t find a battery charging system for your marine application – contact us.

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