Custom Power offerings

Custom power provide solutions where applications cannot be fulfilled from standard product range or where integrated products are required. We offer a vast selection of power platforms from which to deliver power solutions tailored to customer specific requirements. Our solutions can be either embedded power solutions to be integrated into end customer equipment or a complete external power solutions. 

From concept to product end of life

With the deep know-how in power conversion and manufacturing, our custom power offerings can become your product realization partner. In close collaboration our offerings will take your power solution from concept through joint project execution, testing and certification to a serial produced product. From this our product life-cycle services ensures production with lowest possible efforts required from our customers to maintain the design and run the factory. Our ODM services will enable our customer to produce a branded product without having to engage in the organization or running of a factory. 


Innovations at your service

Micropower continuesly invest in new technology and innovations. With the custom power offerings, technology innovations included into the custom power platform or a custom power product will become starting point for the product development service we offer to our customers.  


Product Lifecycle Management

Maintaining production during the product lifetime, including following changes in regulatory requirements  and material availabillty, requires a dedicated organisation with focused support for the manufacturing process. With our custom power offerings this is fully covered in the purchase of the customer specific product.  


OEM / ODM Services 

Our standard custom power offerings are devided into two categories based upon the level of customization, volume scenario and selection of production site.


  • ODM Services – development of a custom product based upon Micropower custom platform. This allows for maximum customization. 
  • OEM Services – customization of an existing certified custom product where our customer have a choice to rebrand the product. This allows for a limited customization is software, cable, color and labeling.

Micropower are known for over three decades of custom made and reliable power supply and charger solutions for demanding industries. 


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