LIONBRIX – The modular Lithium ion concept

Standardized Battery Modules

LIONBRIX is a flexible and modular based Li-ion battery system. The battery modules BRIX
are easy to handle and assembly into different battery sizes. The standardized battery
modules are manufactured in automated production lines in industrial scale. This secures
both high production rate as well as quality requirements.


  • Cylindrical NCA cells for high energy, power and safety
  • Modular concept (battery modules from 45 Ah up to 210 Ah)
  • Prototypes “on the go”
  • Voltage up to 1000 V and capacity up to 700 kWh
The BRIX batteries consist of cylindrical NCA cells for high energy, power and safety.

LIONBRIX – The System for OEMs

Fully Integrated

We are well-known in the industry for our competence within electronics, Li-ion
technology and products of high quality and are therefor the natural choice of supplier to several
large OEMs. LIONBRIX is the system for OEM’s that requires fast adjustments, high volumes
and full integration.


  • High in-house competence and development
  • Full integration
  • Continuous internal- and external training
High in-house competence and development makes Micropower Group to the natural choice of supplies of Li-ion systems to OEM’s.

Complete Li-ion battery system

LIONBRIX – The Complete Li-ion System

Our Li-ion battery system is fully integrated and optimized to meet the highest demands for
the toughest applications. The system includes everything from our well-known
chargers to the modular Li-ion battery modules and management system for safety and


  • IoT compatible, wireless communication
  • Developed, tested and transported according to international directives
  • Safety functions and redundancy on cell, mechanic and BMS level
LIONBRIX is a complete system with charger, battery, management system and IoT combability.

Swedish Production

Manufactured Since 2017

Since 2017, Micropower Group has manufactured the Li-ion battery system LIONBRIX. The
systems main components are manufactured in Växjö, Sweden, where the main part of the
companies within the group are located. In Gothenburg, Sweden, is the R&D centre for Li-ion
technology located.


  • Automated production lines and industrial scale
  • High production rate and secured quality requirements


Öjaby – Our New Battery Factory

During 2019, the production of the batteries will expand with a new manufacturing unit in
Öjaby, in the outskirt of Växjö, Sweden. The total production capacity of Li-ion batteries will
reach 1 GWh/year during the first stage. More information about the construction of the
new Li-ion battery factory you will find here.

The total production capacity of Li-ion batteries will reach 1 GWh/year during the first stage.

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