SM Power

Designs, maintains and manufactures solutions for your power needs

SM Power designs and manufactures custom-made power supplies and battery chargers for a variety of industries. The company specializes in custom design of switched-mode power supplies in both  AC/DC and DC/DC developed in close cooperation with our customers.

About the company

Over the past 25 years, SM Power has developed more than 400 products and shipped millions of units of customized power supplies and battery chargers to our customers and partners. Our strength lies in combining innovation with product management where we take total ownership throughout the full product life cycle. We are at the forefront of both design and manufacturing concepts and within our specialist areas, we stretch the boundaries of what is possible to realize both performance-wise and cost-wise in both power supplies and battery chargers. Our solutions are carefully designed and tailored to our customers needs and operations, always developed in close cooperation with our customer. With our knowledge and long experience in designing and manufacturing custom solutions, we have helped our partners in a wide application range such as industrial, telecommunications, transportation, medicine, marine and defense. When standard solutions are not sufficient we realize a unique solution to our customers power needs:

  • CUSTOM SOLUTIONS – Power, charging technology and ownership of the entire lifecycle from design to manufacturing
  • DEMANDING APPLICATIONS – Research, development and manufacturing of standard solutions as well as customized solutions
  • LEADING TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS – Power supply and battery chargers that meets complex requirements of both performance and reliability

Our customers have high demands on our quality assurance processes, development and production. We are used to deliver projects with both small and large volumes (projects with more than> 50K units / year). By combining Swedish design methodology with Asian production, we produce the best of both worlds.

Swedish design and product management combined with Asian production providing a a unique mix of cost-effectiveness, innovation and product stability

Business segments

SM Power designs and maintaines products in all Micropower Groups market segments. We offer our proven platforms as a starting point to quickly and safely develop and produce robust power supplies and chargers for demanding applications. Within Custom Power segment, you will find SM Power developed power solutions in your daily use in everything from parking equipment, elevators, medical equipment, trains, adjustable beds and tables, chargers for electric cars, wheelchairs and boats to industrial equipment such as robots. Within our areas of expertise – AC/DC conversion, DC/DC conversion and battery charging – we adapt our platforms to suit our customers ‘needs and market channels, all marketed under our customers brands. Our ODM services ( “Original Design Manufacturer”) in power supply and battery makes it possible to launch and market customers own products without having to design,maintain power supply product or operate their own factory.

When you work with us, you get access to our market expertise, our proven platform and our combined experience to realize the solution to your power needs throughout the full product lifecycle.

Our Locations

HF SM Power Innovations AB

Gårdsfogdevägen 12-14

SE-168 66 Bromma

Phone: +46 (0) 8 44 66 310


SMP Hong Kong Ltd.

Unit 1106, 11/F., Fook Yip Building

53-57 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung

Phone: Telefon: +852 2854 3106

Contact Information - Sales & Marketing

Management & Finance

Göran Johansson


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Gunilla Frisell


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Technology, Service & Support

Stefan Arkling


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Johan Assow


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Sourcing & Supply

Johan Larsson

Sourcing & Supply

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Nour Samaan

Sourcing & Supply

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