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We are a market leader when it comes to chargers for forklifts in northern Europe. We are also a technology leading partner to battery manufacturers and to service companies around the world. For us, battery charging is about reliability and our ambition is to support the business of our customers through pro-active product development and training. Our chargers and modular lithium ion batteries offer high quality and are based on advanced technology.



We are a proud partner to many of the world’s leading manufactures and distributors of forklifts. Our global presence make us a trustworthy partner with a lot of know-how, which is the result of hard work and determination. Within the Motive segment the Micropower brand is well known for high quality battery chargers from 100 W up to 40 kW whether aimed for battery replacement systems or single battery fast charging.

World leading manufacturers and suppliers in the forklift truck business use our solutions


With the elimination of battery changing rooms, valuable plant area is released for more produc­tive activity. Micropower has a lot of experience in fast charging and with our Access and Lion chargers and Access BMU we can handle most scenarios. The charging curves are specially designed for 2 or 3-shift-operation with programmed equalization during nights or weekends. The Access BMU controls the charging and make sure you get the most out of your batteries.

We know fast charging


Micropower chargers are widely used for AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) battery charging. AGV battery charging is generally characterized by customized char­ging curves. The parameters are set from factory in accordance with the customer’s specification. The special AGV version of the Access charger family has an HMI which allows the user to program the charger in the field. The chargers can be configured for Open lead/acid, Gel, AGM, Ni/Cd or Li-ion batteries.

Our chargers are widely used for AGV applications

Flexible lithium ion battery technology

For vehicles in material handling, the system can be built in different ways depending on the application. For medium-sized vehicles, the system can be built with the standard BRIX modules. They handle most applications even in strong cold thanks to the unique heating solution that is optional. The modules are built in the same way as lead-acid battery cells and our customers are often experienced battery builders or skilled industrial companies.

For industrial vehicles with high demands on temperature range, power, operating hours or integration, the system can be customized with the thermal and structural systems required. With short integration times, Micropower offers special solutions where the cost-driven components come from the standard range with its high quality and high cost-effectiveness.

Transition to Li-ion batteries results in lower energy consumption and increased life, which in different ways results in lower CO2 emissions and thus reduced global warming.x

Examples of applications are:
Low lifter • Forklift trucks • Stackers • Cleaning machines • Automatic trucks • Mining machinery • Construction machines


Flexible lithium ion battery technology

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