The LIONBRIX system is fully modular and includes modules of 3.65V with capacities 105, 150 and 210 Ah. With these, systems between a few kWh up to several MWh can be built. The system voltages are up to 1000 V and the systems have high environmental resistance.

Marine Applications

Operating large vessels with clean electric power has proven to be good for both the environment and the operating economy of the shipping companies. More and more marine areas are also imposing restrictions on vessels with high emissions, which drives the need for electrified solutions.


Micropower offers complete and well-tested batteries with a very high level of safety. They are completely modular and allow custom optimized systems that are easy to install, maintain and integrate.

Durable and proven lithium ion batteries for marine applications.

Fast charging of electric vehicles

The number of rechargeable electric vehicles is increasing strongly. This leads to an increasing need for short charging times and high effects on the charging stations. Especially in the urban environment, there is a problem with the power supply while there is a shortage of charging places in the street environment. An easy and quick way to improve the situation is to use an energy store that takes care of peak power and is then continuously charged with the fixed grid.


The LIONBRIX system is easy to adapt to all types of effects and voltages. It is easy to install and maintain and has proven technology. The system has the highest safety and good environmental resistance, which gives a great choice in placement and use.

Durable and proven lithium ion batteries for fast charging of electric vehicles.

Energy Storage

There are a variety of uses for energy storage. This could include storing solar or wind energy, balancing power plants, or providing backup power for business-critical operations such as hospitals and communications equipment.


With its superior flexibility, LIONBRIX is ​​well suited to all types of energy storage. It can be in standard cabinets indoors, container solutions outdoors or site-built where needed. The level of security, the easy integration and the high performance are included.

Durable and proven lithium ion batteries for energy storage.



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