We do not mind challenging the laws of physics when developing products to meet our customers’ needs for battery chargers and power supplies. Our solutions are carefully designed and adapted to the our customers’ activities and have often been developed in close cooperation with the customer. With our knowledge and long experience from design and manucturing of custom made solutions to cooperation partners within industry, medicine, trade and military organizations, we use to say that ”when standard solution offers are not good enough – we are a good supplier”.

Complex Power Solutions

Complex Power Solutions

- For applications where multiple needs of charging, AC/DC and DC/DC conversions need to be combined in one single unit. Monitoring and control with different communication protocols can be included.

DC/DC Power Solutions

DC/DC Power Solutions

- For applications needing DC/DC-conversion in power supply and charging between 100 and 650 W. These solutions are characterized by robustness, extremely high efficiency, high power output per volume unit and a compact design.

Embedded Power Solutions

Embedded Power Solutions

- For applications needing an embedded power supply or charging. The solutions are characterized by meeting the toughest EMC demands, high component efficiency and electrical efficiency.

External Power Solutions

External Power Solutions

- For applications with independent units for power supply or charging. Separate certification, re-usable for different applicationes and processing in package, where industrial design is adapted in accordance with customer preference and brand image.

Custom made solutions

One large European enterprise, whose trademark is high-end audio products, needed to upgrade the power supply and battery charging system to an entirely new wireless audio system, where they had problems with the internally developed power supply unit. They contacted us and our solution was a design based on proven technology platforms  in AC/DC, DC/DC and charging techniques. To combine demands on perfect audio quality in professional audio systems with integration of high frequency switched power unit and chargers, puts high demand on performance  on EMC, low leakage currents and high current peaks. These are challenges which Custom Power are experts on handling. Our solution is in full production an is a complete component in the logistics flow of our customer. The enterprise and their factory can focus on the production of the audio products, knowing that we take care of the power supply units.

Our specialist knowledge in the entire flow from design to manufacturing in power supply and charging technology allow our customers to focus on their internal product development.

Demanding applications

One of Europe’s major suppliers of power supply solutions, serving customers all over the world, had a need to increase the number of products under its own trademark. They wanted to focus their offer on optimized power supply solutions, including both standard and customized solutions, supply chain logistics and aftermarket support. By using our ”Original Design and Manufacturing” (ODM)- offer within power supply, they can now take advantage of a larger portfolio of technology platforms and deliver unique, customized products in their market offers. The product brands in power supply of this customer are since many years used in customer applications and are highly regarded for their unique custom made performances.

We develop and manucture unique standard solutions as well as customized solutions for battery chargers and power supplies.

Leading technology platforms

One Nordic company in the battery-based power solution business, needed to create a unique, integrated solution approved for use in the field of medicine, for one of its cusotmers. We developed, designed and delivered, in close cooperation, a battery charger technology, which became a complete building block in the end product. A decisive demand was to have an intelligent, automatic selection of charging profile for several types of batteries and adaptation to our cutomer’s industrial design. Our offer, along with a development method based on the re-use of an existing technology platform made the entire difference. The battery company could offer its customer, who operates within the field of medicine, a cost-efficient, complete power solution with longer battery life and guarantees where the industrial design of the charger as well as of the battery reflected the image of both the product and the company.

Our chargers meet the complex demands on operation reliability from for instance health care environments.

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