Being a segment and business oriented partner, we operate both as a supplier and as consultants. We offer our customers customized solutions, mainly in the automotive industry. Compact design, combined with extreme ruggedness, make our products most suitable to adapt to the high demands. This applies for standard vehicles as well as for rebuilds and adaptations of ambulances, police cars and fire trucks but also for adaptation of vehicles for other work use and for disabled. We also supply products to the industry and for military applications.

Emergency vehicles

Ambulances, fire trucks and police vehicles of today are equipped with a lot of technology. Since the emergencies cannot be planned and the vehicles are subject to high load, the challenges to ensure power supply are demanding. The elevated energy consumption requires reliable and flexible systems, which deliver when it is urgent. In order to meet the strict requirements we have developed customized battery chargers for each type of vehicle, based on state-of-the-art technology.

Vehicles with elevated energy consumption require reliable and flexible system which always deliver.

Trucks and buses

The number of electronic components in trucks and buses is constantly increasing and with advanced technology in trucks and buses, need for electric power is obviously also increasing. Unfortunately this chain of dependency is also influencing the batteries in a negative way. Good charging routines have become a necessity, which has triggered us to develop battery chargers which meet standard requirements of the Automotive industry. Our chargers are powerful, compact and waterproof, and they guarantee high availability, also under very harsh conditions.

A good charging routine is nowadays a requirement in the automotive industry.

Work vehicles and electric vehicles

Certain work vehicles have a complicated base for installation, which requires compact and integrated battery chargers. We have a long history of developing just the type of charger needed, which makes natural our participation and contribution as consultants in development projects. The same applies for the electric vehicle business – our battery chargers work well in these types of vehicle and are used all around the world.

Work vehicles often have a complicated installation base, therefore need compact and integrated chargers.


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