Long term industrial partner

Micropower is an independent manufacturer of battery chargers, Li-ion batteries and systems for industrial use. The business was started up in 1984 and is today market leader in northern Europe for battery chargers in forklift truck applications. We benefit from the vertical integration in our organization, whereas we keep control of all important steps of the production process – including the manufacturing of the control cards and the testing/quality control of the final product. The Micropower Group is run by operative owners, which guarantees continuity, quality and know-how in all the companies.

Our customers are found all over the world and the global success comes from long term commitment and responsibility.

Research and development

Around 30 engineers work at our R&D centres in Sweden and Finland. The centres are all equipped with test facilities for EMC measurements and we are also able to test all kinds of moisture and hot/cold conditions in lab environment. We can also simulate variations in voltage and frequency.

High priority is given to research and development within the Micropower Group.

Short facts

Established 1984

Turnover 530 MSEK (2018)

Number of employees 300 

Parent company Micropower Group AB

CEO Torbjörn Gustafsson

Chairman of the Board Jan Sandberg                                                                                                                                                           

Ångaren Thor, steamer from 1887 operating on Lake Helgasjön, nearby Micropower's head office in Växjö.

Financial info about owners

Micropower is a profitable, privately owned group. A number of operative owners maintain a majority of the share capital, and a number of key persons within the different companies own minor shares. Several other employees also own shares. One target is to offer the shareholders a good yield through dividend. Another is to return part of the profit to the employees in different ways.

The Board for the Micropower Group.


Micropower shall be the world leader in industrial systems and products for batteries and battery charging.

Småland has a tradition of ambition, dedication and simplicity and our heritage from here is a strong foundation for our values.


An ever-present entrepreneurial spirit and a conviction that quality at every moment pays off, has characterized the history of Micropower. Ever since the first day, focused work, supplemented with curiosity, creativity and responsivness, has made the brand widely known in North America, Asia and Europe. It all started off in a small garage in the village of Tävelsås, province of Småland, Southern Sweden, in April 1984. It was then and there Thomas Svensson, Tomas Lindgren and Bengt Gylling decided to revolutionize the battery charger business.

Most of Micropower´s activities and head office is located in Växjö.